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For those who don’t know much about web marketing, there can be some degree of confusion surrounding keywords. It is helpful to remember that a keyword can be anything that a user might type into a search engine. Keywords will vary from website to website, but they are basically those search terms that you are specifically targeting in order to try and get more web traffic.

There is little point optimising your site for a term that no-one will ever put into a search engine. Keywords should be closely related to the purpose of your site otherwise you will get nothing out of the traffic you do receive. It is important to identify the right search terms when you are optimising your site.

It is important to be realistic when it comes to keywords. There may be a temptation to target a particularly heavily searched term, but you are likely to find it difficult to rank for a generic phrase. There is little to be gained from trying to compete with thousands of other websites for a high traffic search term as it is highly unlikely you will ever see much success.

Search traffic will arrive via a large number of search terms and not just the ones that you are specifically targeting. Sometimes people get hung up on search terms but it is important to remember that ranking for a particular term is a means to an end. High rankings result in traffic.

In essence, every page of your site should have its own purpose and fill a particular niche. If you have several hundred products on your site, each of those products can be considered a keyword even though there will only be small amounts of traffic to each page. Different pages on your site will rank for different search terms depending on what they are about.

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