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A large proportion of the visitors arriving at an e-commerce site will land on a product page first of all. Search engine optimisation is a sprawling discipline these days and there are all sorts of ways of attracting web traffic. Many people think of web marketing in terms of getting high rankings for a handful of obvious keywords, but there’s more to it than that.

Often, all that needs to be done to get more traffic to your product pages is to add some decent product descriptions. An e-commerce site that hasn’t optimised its product pages is missing a trick and quite a valuable trick at that. Optimising a product page isn’t about getting hundreds of links pointing towards it or anything like that.

Some websites don’t feature product descriptions of any length and these pages offer little of value over those on a competitor’s site. Some websites use the manufacturer’s product description and this doesn’t help your pages stand out from the crowd. Provide unique and useful information on your product pages and you give Google a reason to present them in search results.

There is far less competition when it comes to product pages, so small changes can often provide huge rewards. A lot of time, money and effort is expended trying to get home pages to rank well, but many people overlook minor pages. The great advantage of optimising product pages is that it’s relatively easy to achieve.

Write original product descriptions and you provide something useful for your users. Unique text on a product page also makes it seem like a more useful result to search engines and they are then more likely to feature them in their results for related searches. The more relevant text you have on a page, the more likely it is to rank for long tail search terms and this also means more visitors.

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